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THE REAL AMBASSADORS – a Jazz Musical by Dave & Iola Brubeck -

x - Bill Meyer

THE REAL AMBASSADORS a Jazz Musical by Dave & Iola Brubeck
THIS IS the concert version of Dave & Iola Brubeck's only musical, written back in 1961.
It was intended for Broadway, but was performed only once – at the 1962 Monterey Jazz Festival. 
The production starred the enormously popular Louis Armstrong, Carmen McRae and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, along with the musicians from Brubeck's and Armstrong's bands.
 It was sung and performed without sets and stage lighting.

This is the first full concert performance of The Real Ambassadorsin over 50 years, and the first theatrical production at the Detroit Jazz Festival! 
The message is as relevant today as it was back then. Inspired by musicians like Louis Armstrong ...

This production utilizes two performers representing the great Satchmo, 
Dave Greene as the musician,
Augustus Williamson as the singer/performer. 
The narration,  is here read by Detroit's own former Judge Claudia Morcom .
Michelle McKinney, captures the essence of the great Carmen McRae. 
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross is reincarnated in the form of  Carl Cafagna as Lambert,  
Meri Slaven as Annie
Armond Jackson as Jon Hendricks. 
The backing orchestra is the Detroit New Orleans Band, with  
Ibrahim Jones on bass,  
Butter Hawkins drums, 
Edward Gooche trombone, and 
Wendell Harrison on sax, 
conducted by music director and producer Bill Meyer, who plays the role of legendary jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck.

W. Kim Heron will play the Village Leader, 
Tyyler Greene will be the Young Girl 
local extras will be part of the African village of Talgalla.

Mr. Meyer - is  looking for 20 extras for our Detroit Jazz Festival performance of The Real Ambassadors. 
The show is explained below.

If you are AFRICAN AMERICAN  and have AFRICAN CLOTHING and would like to volunteer, 
please reply to Bill Meyer,  
or to this email -

The commitment would be on Sunday, Sept. 1st from 3-5pm at the Waterfront Stage in Hart Plaza. 
You would be a member of the African village of Talgalla in 1961. 
You would pass out programs before the show, be stage front in the middle of the show to cheer, and then at the end come onstage for bows. 
You would meet at 3pm at the stage to get full instructions. 
The show ends at 5pm.


Thank you,


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