Tuesday, October 10, 2017

- YA Salsa - Super Social Halloween Week End - 2017-10-27,28,29 -

– YA Salsa –
- Super  Social - 

 – October 27 + 28
 + 29, 2017 –

- YA Salsa - Super Social - 2017-10-27,28,28 - Halloween - Detroit = DSO hall - Cube - Lessons -

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

- Festival - Detroit - Garlic - 2017-08-27,28,29 -

– August 27 2017 –

– Garlic and Music Festival -

 -Garlic and Music Festival- Gourmet Alley - deliciously garlicky food,live music,cold beer summer cocktails,cooking competitions,family fun. -

( MAP )

- 2017 -
Fri., Aug. 25, 12-11 p.m.,
Sat., Aug. 26, 12-11 p.m.
Sun., Aug. 27, 12-7 p.m. 

 -Garlic and Music Festival- Garlic and Guitar Poster -

a weekend of tastes, scents, sights and sounds.
deliciously garlicky food,
live music,
cold beer
summer cocktails,
cooking competitions,
plenty of family fun.
Garlic and Music Festival includes a Gourmet Alley
offering the very best in garlic-inspired cuisine,
multiple fully-stocked bars and so much more.



All the garlicky gourmet eats And treats you can handle.

more than garlic!
Enjoy plenty of BBQ and beloved festival fare.

Cold Brews And More!

Beer, spirits, lemonade and cold drinks
to wash down all that garlic goodness!


The classic dice game is back in a BIG way!
Grab some friends and give “Yardzee” a shot.

Connect Four:

The Giant version of the well-known family tabletop game to connect 4 giant counters in a row.

Giant Jenga:

Jenga, meaning “to build” in Swahili, will get hearts pounding as the tower gets progressively higher and more precarious.

Tiki Toss:

This Caribbean bar favorite suits both a large group and the individual looking to sharpen their skills. Players take turns swinging the hanging ring trying to land on the hook.


The classic American lawn game of cornhole 
can be played individually or in teams.

Mini Hoops:

Are you a Basketball Jones?
Test your skills while competing against friends and loved ones for bragging rights.
Play shooting games like horse, around the world, beat the clock and more.


Musical Lineup:

Michigan’s best musical acts And artists
preforming live all weekend long!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

- In Transit Detroit - Thursday - 2017-07-27 - Garden Theater -



– Thursday,   July 27  2017 – 7 PM – 

In Transit Detroit
will spotlight        

Central Africa – Detroit – Cameroon Fusion.

Enjoy music, dance, art & cuisine!


will be performing with

In Transit Detroit!

Doors at 7pm
Concert starts at 8pm
Show runs to approximately 11pm
Featured Performers:

Les Nubians   – Grammy-nominated musicians
Petit-Pays   – Internationally Renowned Cameroonian musician

Detroit Rhythm Section:
Sean Blackman (g)
Steve Caldwell (g)
James Simonson (b)
Larry Fratangelo (perc.)
Rayse Biggs (t)
Wendell Harrison (s)
Maurice “Pirahnahead” Herd (g)
Malik Alston (keys)
DJ Invisible Carl Hollier
MC- Chris Campbell of WDET’s The Progressive Underground
Mambo Tse
Visual Artists:
International Institute
Global Detroit
Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum
Dancefloor run by  Dancemt.com
Flower arrangements by  Blumz
Ethnic-inspired vegan cuisine catered by the pop-up restaurant,
The Clean Plate  (of Macomb Township).
*Cost not included with ticket price.*
Advance Prices: VIP tables – $30 per person | General Admission – $20
Door Prices: VIP tables – $35 per person | General Admission – $25
PARKING: structure entrance on Alexandrine just west of Woodward
For questions or to reserve groups of VIP table seats,
please contact natalieintransit@gmail.com.
The Garden Theater,
The Clean Plate,
NextWave Media Lab,
Dance Meditation Technique for running the dancefloor,
Global Detroit,
Rocket Printing,
Tequila Cabresto,
Puente Cultural Integration,
Trees & Co. By Alpine Arbor Care,
Shades Optical,
Dolce Moda  ; Martinez Enterprises / Executive Transportation!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

- Top Of The Park - 2017 - Ann Arbor -

- TOP - - 2017 -


--- JUNE ---

09 - Friday
5pm KidZone: Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
5pm Katherine Hepburn
5pm First Friday
6pm Keri Lynn Roche
7pm Ingrid Racine: Old Soul Redux
8:30pm Jive Colossus
10:15pm Third Coast Kings
10 - Saturday
5pm Rollie Tussing
6pm Abigail Stauffer
7pm David Zinn
7pm Delilah DeWylde
8:30pm The Macpodz
10:30pm Magic Giant
11 - Sunday
5pm Grace Elizabeth Lee
6pm Billy King
7pm KidsRock: Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards
8:30pm The Crane Wives
10pm Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

13 - Tuesday
5pm Tasting Tuesdays
5:15pm The Curious Game
6pm Spencer Michaud
6pm Bike Night
7pm The Understorey
8pm Pink Martini
8:30pm Hoodang
14 - Wednesday
5pm Wine Down Wednesdays
5:15pm The Curious Game
5:30pm Issues and Ale
6pm Adam Plomaritas
7pm Liquid Monk
8pm Rhiannon Giddens
8:15pm Flint Eastwood
15 - Thursday
5pm Olivia Millerschin
6pm Jay Stielstra
7pm Jill Jack Band
8:15pm Mariachi Flor de Toloache
16 - Friday
6pm Josh Birdsong
6pm Nightlife Arcade
7pm Barbarossa Brothers
8:30pm October Babies
10:15pm Lady Sunshine and The X Band
17 - Saturday
5pm Mary Collins
6pm Jan Krist & Jim Bizer
7pm Nina and The Buffalo Riders
8:30pm Chris Canas Band
10:15pm The Sun Messengers
18 - Sunday
5pm Ty Cooper
6pm Barelyon
7pm KidsRock: The Shake Ups
8:30pm Hullabaloo

20 - Tuesday
5pm Adam Labeaux
5pm Tasting Tuesdays
6pm Bike Night
6pm Jud Branam & Kevin Brown
7pm Deep Greens & Blues
8:30pm Trivia Tuesdays
8:30pm The Ben Daniels Band
10pm Hidden Figures
21 - Wednesday
5pm Sydney Burnham
5pm Wine Down Wednesdays
6pm Dave Boutette
7pm The Moxie Strings
8pm Taiko Drums
8:30pm The RFD Boys
10pm Good Morning Vietnam
22 - Thursday
5pm Nadim Azzam
6pm Oh Brother Big Sister
7pm The Go Rounds
7pm Nerd Nite
8:30pm Frontier Ruckus
10pm Say Anything
23 - Friday
5pm Mike Vial
6pm Magdalen Fossum
7pm The Appleseed Collective
8:30pm Chris Dupont
10:15pm The Ragbirds
24 - Saturday
5pm Kate Peterson
6pm Shari Kane & Dave Steele
7pm Tumbao Bravo
8pm Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood: Scared Scriptless Tour
8:15pm Salsa Lessons
8:45pm Los Gatos
10pm Salsa Lessons
10:30pm Descarga Ranga
25 - Sunday
5pm Dave Menzo
6pm Phillip-Michael Scales
7pm KidsRock: Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band
8:15pm Madcat Midnight Blues Journey
27 - Tuesday
5pm Tasting Tuesdays
5pm Judy Banker
5:55pm Australia’s Strange Fruit: Tall Tales on the High Sea
6pm Bike Night
6:45pm Whit & Al Hill & Friends
7:55pm Australia’s Strange Fruit: Tall Tales on the High Sea
8:30pm Lunar Octet
28 - Wednesday
5pm Wine Down Wednesdays
5pm Bill Edwards
5:55pm Australia’s Strange Fruit: Tall Tales on the High Sea
6:45pm Big Dudee Roo
7:55pm Australia’s Strange Fruit: Tall Tales on the High Sea
8:30pm May Erlewine and The Motivations
10pm Star Wars: The Force Awakens
29 - Thursday
5pm San, Emily and Jacob
5:55pm Australia’s Strange Fruit: Tall Tales on the High Sea
6:45pm Thunderw├╝de
7:55pm Australia’s Strange Fruit: Tall Tales on the High Sea
8:30pm Timothy Monger State Park
30 - Friday
5pm Escaping Pavement
6pm Diana Lawrence
7pm Drew De Four and Friends
8:30pm The Bluescasters
10:15pm Saints of Soul

--- JULY ---

01 - Saturday
5pm Retreat: World Dance Workout
5pm The Whiskey Charmers
6pm Kylee Phillips
7pm On The Sun
7pm Buzzed Bee
8pm Ira Glass: Seven Things I’ve Learned
8:15pm The Outer Vibe
10:15pm Red Baraat
02 - Sunday
5pm So Long Sunday
5pm Cat Canyon
6pm Annie and Rod Capps
7pm Nobody’s Business
8:15pm George Bedard and The Kingpins
10pm La La Land

Thursday, May 25, 2017

–Music–Tango–InTransitDetroit-TangoDetroitFusion – Friday-2017-05-27 –

In Transit Detroit ~

Tango Detroit Fusion

Garden Theater  3929 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48201
Thursday  - 
May 25, 2017 – 
7 PM

                   Tango Detroit Fusion                   

In Transit Detroit ~

– will spotlight Argentina
Enjoy music, dancing, art, cuisine!

In Transit Detroit ~ 
is committed to providing a public platform that supports the best local international performers, both established and emerging artists, in a respectful, comfortable, safe, family atmosphere.

They build friendship and a culturally inclusive community that encourages social awareness, education, and dedication to fairness, honor, and equality.
It’s all set in the spirit and celebration of  diverse Detroit
and how we can shine a light on inclusion through the performing arts.
Doors at 7pm
Concert starts at 8pm
Show runs to approximately 11pm

Free tango lesson at 7:15 provided by James Valentino of   City Style Tango !

Rhythm Section:
Sean Blackman (g)
Steve Caldwell (g)
James Simonson (b)
Larry Fratangelo (perc.)
Jason Gaddis (d)
Featured Musicians:
Gabe Bolkosky (violin)
David Passalaqua (accordion)
Bob Mervak (piano)
Mariana Risquez (vocals)
Harry Hovakimian (violin)
DJ Randy of Detroit Tango Project
James Valentino – Co-producer
Marina Pleshivenkova
City Style Tango 
Daniel Moreno
Amanda Accica of…
Argentine Tango Detroit 
Guillermo Moreno
Mae Armeni of…
Birmingham Tango
Eduardo Villalba
Visual Artists:
Glen Christopher Spice
Armando Madrazo

Tickets and info available at  SeanBlackman.com/live
Advance Prices: VIP tables – $30 per person | General Admission – $20
Door Prices: VIP tables – $35 per person | General Admission – $25
PARKING: structure entrance on Alexandrine just west of Woodward
For questions or to reserve groups of VIP table seats, please contact

Special thanks to supporters ;

Clean Plate,
Dolce Moda
Garden Theater,
Global Detroit,
Martinez Enterprises / Executive Transportation!
NextWave Media Lab,
Puente Cultural Integration
Rocket Printing,
Shades Optical,
Tequila Cabresto,
Trees and Co. By Alpine Arbor Care,

Monday, April 17, 2017

– Music – Dance – Band - Latin – Dearborn – AANM – Friday – 2017.04.21 8PM –

Sammy DeLeon - MidwestMusicMafia
Sammy DeLeon

His Latin Jazz Ensemble

8 p.m. Friday, April 21

salsa dance workshop

Thirty-year veteran percussionist  
Sammy DeLeon  and his crew love sharing the history and characteristics of their music with audiences.
Latin jazz, salsa and merengue – the latter originating in the Dominican Republic – comprise a highly danceable set led by DeLeon, once described by Latin music legend Tito Puente as “the hottest and most innovative timbalero.”

Ticket holders may enjoy a
6:30 p.m. salsa dance workshop
led by instructor
Mambo Marci.

The Arab American National Museum’s Public Programming plays a dynamic role in the preservation and celebration of the cultural heritages of all people. 
They value the arts not only as an aesthetic expression of the human experience, but also as a tool that empowers all people and instills community pride.
Through the arts,
we all hope to build bridges that span racial, cultural and ethnic divisions.
With these goals in mind the Museum’s Public Programming
embraces all cultural art forms.
Presented in partnership with 
and made possible in part by the 
National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC).


collaborations with area organizations; please call 313.624.0203

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