Saturday, September 7, 2013

- Dally In The Alley - 2013 -

Music Schedule

12:30pm Grass Canyon
1:30pm La Shaun Phoenix Moore
2:30pm Blaire Alise & The Bombshells
3:30pm Eleanora
4:30pm Laura Finlay
5:30pm James Linck
6:30pm Of Mice and Musicians
7:30pm The Beggars
8:30pm BreeZee One
9:30pm Atoms and Ease
10:30pm Invincible with Special Guests 

12pm Rogue Satellites
1pm Dame Mariatchi
2pm George Morris
3pm Casual Sweetheart
4pm Touch of North America
5pm Violets
6pm Kickstand Band
7pm Doc Waffles & Eddie Logix
8pm Reverend
9pm Pretty Ghouls
10pm Liquid Monk
11pm Richie Wohlfiel Soul Party

GARDEN STAGE                         

12:15pm Great Aunt Ida
1:15pm Stef Chura
2:15pm Mystics
3:15pm Pewter Cub
4:15pm Rebel Kind
5:15pm Whatever
6:15pm Collapse
7:15pm Characteristics
8:15pm Mexican Knives
9:15pm Voyag3r
10:15pm Secret Twins

12pm Pastel Arsenal
12:45pm Mother Cyborg
1:30pm Lt. Bad
2:30pm Stan Sommerson
3:15pm Tony Ollivierra
4:15pm Little Animal
4:45pm T&A
5:45pm Monty Luke
6:30pm Dru Ruiz
7:30pm Stacey Hale
8:45pm Chuck Daniels 


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